My Moon

My Moon

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Like the Earth needs the moon that is how I need you. 

The moon controls the tides of the ocean making it rise and fall. 

You make the waves in the ocean of my emotions. 

You rise me up out of a low tide of depression 

And deplete the high tides of anxiety that sometimes threaten to drown me.

Like the earth needs the sun that is how I need you. 

The sun provides light to see on our way. 

It provides us heat to keep us alive. 

You shine a light on my talents 

The positive aspects of my being. 

Your love and support is the warmth 

That keeps my soul alive. 

I need you like life needs water,

 to nurture and hydrate. 

You teach me how to grow myself 

Open up my mind to new ideas. 

You make me laugh when my life is dry of all happiness.

And now I wonder 

If you, by any chance 

Need me too? 

Do I brighten up your day when you are blue? 

Do I inspire you to try things brand new? 

Does it feel like your heart will stop at thought of losing me 

Or I am just another random human being to you?

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