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Aphrodite's Curse

Aphrodite's Curse

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We are all enchanted by an ancient incantation

Men seeking Aphrodities:

Unparalleled beauties

And feral fires of lust

To satisfy their carnal desires

Without looking deeper than the skin

To what rudiments lurk beneath the flames

Yet they wonder why they get scorched

When in their hazy compelled state

They forgot that Aphrodite

Was satisfied by none

 That Infidelity 

Was her favourite game

That she left a broken heart

On every path she made.

And woman not better at all

Falling for Apollos

Whose words and promises

Captivates in such ways

That combined with chiseled physiques

We neglect to see

The personality’s and immodesty

Self-centredness and immorality


Leads to an emotional barrenness

That could dry all the seas

And still remain a desert

Leaving us mentally dehydrated

And emotionally devasted.

We wonder where did love go

If Eros has hung up his bow?

But we, in truth are charmed

By society’s black magic

Brainwashed to downplay character and integrity

Because all that is important

“Is that my love is pretty”

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