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Drama Tragedy


My poetry

Drama Tragedy

Cataclysm Of The Soul

Cataclysm Of The Soul

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As she looks in the mirror

She deems herself

A broken hearted

A lost soul

Unworthy of love 

Cause she feels

Disconnected from all

Whom she once

Felt with so strong

All who she tried to appease

So vigorously

She didn’t however see

That like a drug pushers


Kept her hooked

Intoxicated, dazed 

Because her soul was like

A magnet for their negative emotions

And they needed her to drain it.

To absorb it to take all on her 

While her own get locked in a back closet 

In darkest room of her soul

But the great Creator

Saw her intoxicated state

Emotionally and physically

And before she could completely


Lose herself in bottles of vodka and wine

And starve herself from all connection

He sent her aid

An answer to her prayers 

A human

The closest thing to a big brother she could ever have

To remind her

She doesn’t need to carry the weight of the world

A patient soul that keeps guiding her away 

From all the bad habits 

That'll kill her eventually

If she doesn't quit

Although even he himself is not perfect.

Slowly she demagnetise

Start to focus on herself 

She turns her energy away from

Those that used stole it 

Only thinking of their soul

Leaving them in scrabble

To try drain all they can

To break her as much as possible 

To addict her to something new

Before the portal closes

And they must face their own emotions

Have to deal with their own sins 

But her path is set in a different course.

And as her soul turns in

Its path to the new direction

To replenish all it has lost 

To find her broken pieces 

The creator softly promise,

Don’t worry my dear

I promise you

This might feel like a cataclysmic end for you.

But I promise this just the beginning of something 


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