Gallery Of Souls

Gallery Of Souls

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Welcome to my gallery

My sculpture museum

Of all the retired images I once

Had to be.

All perfectly sculpted

To keep the fine-tuned balance

Of those, I needed to appease

Exhibit 1

The lady in her mid-length dress

Sitting on the hard church bench

Legs tugged at ankle’s folded underneath her seat

Bible in her lap opened Corinthians three.

What a perfect girl mommy thinks

And nods approvingly

But all truth in this image is the love for God.

Exhibit 2,

A young girl dressed in khaki blouse and Demin shorts

Chasing cattle through the field, as grandma scoffs

What a rabadoe.

Apple of daddy’s eye 

But yet again this is not me

This not where I want to be.

Agriculture ain’t my thing.

Exhibit 3

Schoolgirl, her uniform in perfect line with every rule

Her marks high, so high to ensure that

When she's gone too tertiary, she can fly

Prim proper teacher’s pet

And as important as education is

 alas the true me this is not yet.


In the corner at the back stands a sculpture 

Quite mismatched,

All the qualities I had to bag

Parts of me I had to disguise

In order to fit into my masks

Qualities unwanted by all but me.

And the reality, sad as it might be

Is even I mixed all the sculptures on display?

Add those I already have thrown away

It still does not equal me

Still doesn’t create who I want to be.

So, I decided to close my gallery

To stop this unending effort to appease

All but me.

No longer I will sculpt

I shall only search for the lost being

That’s me.

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