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Himanshi Desai


Stairways That Lead Nowhere

Stairways That Lead Nowhere

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A child, content in the eyes of father,

Blossoms by the end of a long day

Awaiting for the shades of Youth

To take over in a gentle stride.

Times change, the shoes don't fit

Anymore on the dancing feet

As they prance to and fro

Merrily across the high school streets.

Still further, now the jostling of trains,

And people across the busy stations.

Changes run through the crossroads of fate,

And then habits take over creativity,

So strong... and suddenly too weak

To stand without a walking cane

Standing shivering on the last step of life

Glancing back with a slightly happy face,

Though sadness never ends...

And then the plunge into nothing...

Beginning again as a mortal being–

A child, content in the eyes of the father...

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