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Your words came out healing

But left scars wherever they touched

And etched themselves into an eternal poetry

That my life grasps and clings on in vain

As it devours the flowing words,

With a vengeance, a hungry pain.

They seem to be too broken to mend

(Your words I mean a, and not my heart).

The fading glimpse of last love,

Yet my faith continues to hurtle,

At the end of each beautiful transcend.

Some verses breath life into my dead soul,

Some magnify that ever haunting sadness.

Oh God, though I will myself to shy away,

Yet I crave to be drowned into this madness.

The thunders roar, the mountains echo,

But somehow, your voice finds me in this din.

It unclasps my hand gently,

From the last threads of sanity,

And with the dying chants of the ending verse,

So shall end my life, like your song.

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