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The Winter Ghost

The Winter Ghost

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As I walked down a street,

On a winter night,

With shivering arms and legs,

And not a soul in sight.

All of them cuddled,

In mattresses in cushioned beds,

With thick woolens on their bodies,

And scarves around their heads.

Half of them enjoying a soccer game,

In their temperature-controlled homes,

Sipping hot chocolate,

While the winter ghost roams.

And there I saw a little light,

By the roadside was a bonfire,

Warming up to it were two little children,

Without a single woolen layer.

What made it so easy for them,

To survive the winter cold?

In mother earth’s lap, without a home;

They had grown old.

Without losing the charm,

Of the content innocent child,

They looked so happy and safe,

In the lap of nature wild!

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