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Namrata Garware

Drama Inspirational


Namrata Garware

Drama Inspirational

Wishes In Millions

Wishes In Millions

1 min 733 1 min 733

I kept my fingers crossed,

But the game was still lost,

I wondered if I had crossed,

The fingers of the wrong hand!

The miracle called the rainbow

Was right before my eyes.

I closed my eyes and wished,

Instead of admiring the heavenly band!

An eyelash fell,

I wondered if it was mine.

I blew it away with closed eyes,

Wishing all would be fine!

An eyelash that comes back

From the fairy land brings luck.

But it didn’t.

I knew it wasn’t mine!

Once I saw a shooting star,

A stroke of luck by itself!

I wished upon it with closed eyes!

I knew it wasn’t wise.

Then, one morning, I finally prayed,

With hands folded, eyes closed.

This time with all my heart.

And waited for miracles to start.

A voice inside me said,

Don’t miss the miracles around you.

Strive for what you want.

You have the strength inside of you.

Then I heard the clock chime.

It said “It is also a matter of time!”

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