The Quest

The Quest

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'Twas a journey for myself 

Beholding every beauty and writing itself

Diffident I lay, wandered vaguely

Seeked beauty, roamed places helplessly.

I beheld the aura of the greatest star 

While it bathed in twilight afar

The sky glittered golden;

The most it could be 

Every cloud with a different hue;

Reflected by the vast crystal sea. 

Appreciated people till the charm stayed,

It was a scene, heavenly made

Not everyone saw what I could see

Moved? It was only me. 

I was lost in the lush greenery 

Emerald trees sparkled the scenery,

Foam fell from an impressive height

The waterfall blinded me with its appealing sight.

Appreciated people till the water stayed, 

It was a creation, heavenly made

Not everyone felt what I could feel

Moved? It was only me. 

Darkness looked upon me at night, 

The stars shone for me, it became my light

Truly diamonds they are in a night sky

Brilliantly twinkling fearlessly so high. 

Appreciated people till the moonlight was there, 

It was a night to live, a moment rare, 

Not everyone witnessed what I could see,

Moved? It was only me.

Trees produced, grew bare, 

Seasons made its own share,

Buds, rain, snow and fall 

Nature changes, responds to call. 

Appreciated people till beauty stayed, 

It is a creation, heavenly made. 

Not everyone fancied seasons like I could see

Moved? It was only me.

What is life without struggles?

To Happiness to sadness, everyone juggles

What is love without heartaches? 

Eternal promise, one chooses to make.

Appreciated people till life and love stayed, 

It is a fact, heavenly made. 

Everyone agreed what I wrote to

Moved? Everyone was too. 

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