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Akshaya Mahesh

Inspirational Drama


Akshaya Mahesh

Inspirational Drama

The Quail

The Quail

1 min 672 1 min 672

We call ourselves united and there

I found perfection sitting by herself

Indulged in her own thoughts

Unique but considered "off" to the rest

She did not try to impress

She was simple and humble

The zoo was filled with many creatures

And she was the quail

Smoothening her feathers she flies

Away from the vicious animals

And finds her solitude

Shrouded in the mist of her peace

She turns and smiles at me

Seemingly aware of my stone gaze

Her lip may curl up to hide her secrets

But her eyes bore an aphotic past

Perhaps I was just imagining things

Her encounters could have been kind

Maybe she simply chose solitude

As the world is too cruel to live; we simply survive

Her feathers were ruffled by the storm

Some scars too familiar, some unimaginable

How does she continue to arouse us

And mesmerize us with her beauty?

Others say her appearance is what captures

But I have the eye of perspective

I see strength, her endurance through a thousand blizzards

As she perches on her willow tree, singing her songs

Keeping up the masquerade of an eternally shining sun

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