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Prikshit Sharma

Drama Romance


Prikshit Sharma

Drama Romance

My awaited love

My awaited love

3 mins

The day has come to dress me well ,

My love has texted me to meet at twelve .

My girl has reached me ,with a flow of stream,

I knew she would jump out but not expected so early from my dream.

Open the brews and serve the wine ,

Today the Cupid will meet his Venus in a shrine.

I could hear her voice so fragile like a feather,

My love is strong with a strength of leather.

The wait I awaited was nasty and aching ,

I am scrolling my eyes to search her , for our mating .

She approached me striding and trotting all along in her angelic way ,

Her footprints for me ,fill my life with energy and interminable gay .

So adorable , alluring and magnificent is she,

Her pulse ; my heart all beat with a sync which is supposed to be.

Her classy look ,her enticing eyes are all bewitching this poor slave,

The goddess have arrived to bless the naked; my amativeness have reached and crossed a decade.

Her red backless gown, was dazzling and ravishing,

I could see my crown strolling and travelling and making me feel so astonishing.

Her beauty ,her conscience is so strongly captivating,

Like a grape to the wine or clock to the time,

I am thankful for this unexpected dating.

Her soul ,her body is perfect and sensuous,

Like the lavish of a king; her taste I believe will be savour and luscious.

The Taj Mahal looks very beautiful on a full moon light,

My throne was half ,she filled it right;

Glued this bond with inexhaustible tight.

So exquisite ,mesmeric and elegant is her taste,

The life was a prison ; has now become a heavenly gate .

Now that we are soul mates, I'll feed you like a mother,

The world will oppose ,the hopes will die ,

But I don't care and I don't bother.

The world oh lady ! made this servant impoverish and mortal ,

But the air that blessed me from your lips so parted,

Turned me ; myself prosperous and immortal.

Today the cocoon will meet the butterfly ,today our missing link will narrow,

Today the dragon will explore through the midnight sky ,keeping with him our loving arrow.

Today the bee queen will be crowned ,today sea tide will reach it's maximum height,

Today I'll love you and wear you up ; for you are now my Aphrodite .

See the world is bowing ,see the coal has its shine,

The day has come to go and announce for you are now becoming mine .

She is the rose ,so dainty and tempting ,

Our love is so holy and pure that even the priest in the church have started it enchanting.

I love the cuteness ,her adoration and sophisticated mind,

She is so beauteous,foxy and stunning,I bet you;

You will fall in love with her in no time

Today my destiny has indeed took a turn,

To be her forever, the priceless jewel I have earned .

She is one in a million,a star so cherishing,

Her ethics ,so marvellous, her attitude so dazzling.

She is the Andrew ,so wealthy but not prodigal,

She is my Portia ,my Alabaster and my sea nautical.

You can call her Diana or the magic of Golden fleece,

I am her Hercules who will protect her ,until the bond of nature with us will cease.

If any problem will knock our door I know you'll build me brave,

Before touching you my darling,it has to pass through my counter attack grave.

Now I tell you that no one can part us ; not even the supreme power,

I'll sacrifice my life ,if you want me to ;

But I'll make you feel and blossom like a flower.

Today the darkness of new moon has to change to an ivory white,

Let's go a seraphic place and hear the silver crescent croon with stardom around and candles so bright.....

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