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Tashu AS

Abstract Drama


Tashu AS

Abstract Drama

Life "Move On"

Life "Move On"

2 mins 165 2 mins 165

Life teaches you lessons,

Those lessons are so tough to learn

That it takes away all your life untill you die. 

I think what is the use of such lessons,

Which we do not learn un till death.

But still people in this world says

Have faith, one or the other day you will learn.

Keep trying and have patience.

I did not learn anything still at quarter age

Do you expect me to learn at which age

Just because learning has no age.

Everyday is a routine you follow

Animal or a human being that's all you have to follow.

Earn because you have to live. 

But what if you die suddenly.

Will your earning give you life back.

So why earn? Answer is still the same we earn to live our life till we are alive and keep savings for future generation.

Which is this routine we follow.

Can I be a bird which can only fly,

I know they too starve for food.

But do you know that is a bird and they can fly

They can fly wherever they want. 

And I am a human who cannot fly, as i do not have wings.

People say you have come empty hand and nothing to take back. 

Only your good selves will be there and people may cry when you die.

But my heart says no one will cry when I die.

It will not count whom you loved,

It's just a day when I die and people may cry when I die.

But what I am taking from this earth, 

What I earned I left behind.

What I loved that is all behind.

Which lesson should I learn,

Is that a lesson of family

Or is that a lesson of friendship

Is that a lesson of work

Or is that a lesson of guilt where all of the above is hurt by each other a day.

Is that a lesson of LOVE,

Happy if succeeded or madness when fails

Or it's just....

Only thing is Move on untill it is ended up.

But no one is bothered who is hurt.

Just forget and move on.

Because tomorrow is your daily routine which starts.

You need to earn because you have to live un till you die.

Move on

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