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Ishika Singh

Drama Romance


Ishika Singh

Drama Romance

It's been quite long....

It's been quite long....

2 mins 174 2 mins 174

It's been quite long,

For I have not been able to express what I have been carrying along.

Today I looked at the sky,

And realized how I just fail every time I try.

The sky never compromises to subside its colour,

Then where did I lose my vigour?

Today I looked at those bright lights of the car,

And learnt that the shine in my soul, from me had been quite far.

Today I looked at those trees,

that stood tall and green

I learnt how I could just handle the storm within me with ease.

Today I looked at the stars,

Thinking how bright they could shine

Unaware that the happiness destined for me is all mine.

Today I looked within me,

And just sat to understand what life wanted me to be.

Today I was away from the chaos,

Defying the powers controlling me, to stop!

Today I could read my soul,

And seeked for ways to fill my heart's hole.

Today I questioned, why people go for fake attractions,

How they tolerate their tantrums and how besides them they could see none.

But then I knew, how will the separation of this temporary attachment leave them numb.

Today I knew why people turn blind to a genuine heart,

That's because not everyone knows how to appreciate art.

But most importantly

Today I didn't give up,

Today I decided to develop.

Today I didn't beg someone to stay,

Today I didn't ask someone to show me the way.

Today I knew, everyone has their own chasm,

Today I knew how beautifully I blossom.

Today I realized how a beautiful soul,

Is destined on earth to play a completely different role.

Today I knew nobody could replace the beauty my soul possess,

Even if his body has the world's best dress.

Today I realized it's not about chasing,

Today I realized that it's only about exploring,

Exploring the happiness that lies within,

Exploring the happiness that lies within.

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