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Vivek Verma

Drama Romance


Vivek Verma

Drama Romance

Her Slap

Her Slap

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I just wanted to kiss her

Gestures of her lips carry treasure,

A deep kiss of her

Can reveal so many secrets of her.

She was shivering, not from cold

It was not easy for her

She was utterly terrified 

Because her heart beats in fright.

Her hands on my neck

Pulling me close and close, 

My hands around her waist 

Holding her too tight.

Her feet were on my feet

She stretched a bit more, 

It was drifting 

Through the galaxies in her eyes. 

She was shivering 

More and more,

I felt her breath against me 

And her heart began to beat in fright. 

At a moment 

Our lips were locked, 

Her lips were wet and warm

The warm bliss was to calm. 

I felt some tightening 

Through my fingertips, 

I tried so hard

But couldn't open my eyes. 

Her tongue between my lips

Seeking warm delight, 

It was magical 

But not under a white moonlight. 

It was gentle and passionate

With the feeling of shelter and infinite rest, 

It was going hard to kiss too long

But this delight bliss was best. 

Suddenly she pushed me away 

And slapped me a bit hard,

She fell on her knees 

And cried for long. 

After a long break 

She wiped her tears,

And hugged me too hard

With a sobbing heart that beats in fright. 

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