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Vivek Verma

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Vivek Verma

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Indian Education System

Indian Education System

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My thoughts are for my India great

Somewhere it's heaven, somewhere filled with hate.

The panorama, the horizon is reducing every day

Starting of life here is worse a way.

My mother told school will be heaven

And to make me go many things were given.

For a novice, it was not a paradise

Just ravaging creativity of the wise.

I started learning by heart and ended thinking

And now, as a page is joined by linking.

They are forcing to think and use brain

Even band-aids were not provided for the pain.

I'm now addicted to reading

I've lost my way of creating.

What's the need of this heavy science and maths

In life, it's even heavier than sacks.

I was given a piece of paper to write

Whatever I knew, I coloured the white paper.

And after that nobody remembers the questions

Then how can we expect anyone with answers?

The education given should be latent

The certificate given bends.

Mind of students

He goes on to pay to others the rents.

The piece of marks are constant

But the mind of students can change.

Then why not the marks in the sheet bend

Why it's constant, why don't they change?

May be some problems with the highest boy

At the time of his examination.

With the ceaserish sheet, he has become a boy

But once he was the hub of teacher's perfection.

There are questions that make me mad

Not by brain but by my society.

The sleeping society which becomes sad

Not on son's illness, but by the marks doesn't shine brightly.

I was just and will be

Even if I'm considered as insane.

This system is pulverising the leaves of the young tree

This system is inacceptable of extracting it's might and mane.

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