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Vivek Verma



Vivek Verma


She Can't

She Can't

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I write a Poetry of her

When I first met her,

She tried to show happiness

Still her happiness was in an era darkness.

She tries to be best Sister in the world 

She can't do this anymore,

Being her is being a man

She must mean to be man. 

She can't be a good Sister 

Still she can be a better brother,

Her Family wants to make her a Girl

Otherwise she can't glow as a Pearl. 

It's not any horrible horror

She is a transgender, nothing else.

We can call her she

She still, a lovely feminine he. 

She doesn't need to fit our criteria 

Of a bloody idea of masculinity,

She doesn't need to be what be think

She may have been assigned wrong. 

She likes to be a bit pretty 

She actually lines her eyes,

And she grows out her hair

But she doesn't mean to be a Girl. 

She is not any Sinner

She doesn't believe, 

How a father could hate his daughter 

For the mistake that she doesn't utter.

I am in dark dilemma

Is this world made by God?

There is no idea about the world made by God

But I know the world that had made God.

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