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Nandita Gautam

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Nandita Gautam

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Fire Never Distinguishes

Fire Never Distinguishes

2 mins 120 2 mins 120

Fire never distinguishes among the objects of its salvation

A young maiden, an old man, charcoal or shimmering gold

The flames only engulf with burning rage the recipient of its touch

Turning everything to ashes perishing it from the face of earth

Such is the law of the cosmos that differentiates none, rich or penurious

No humble faith can seek alleviation for the offence of its souls

For the karma cannot escape the supreme savagery of its expiation

The universe measures each felony inflicting barbarous retaliation

Mankind has obliterated the palpable procedure of civilization

Arduously probing with strength and vitality for the limits of sophistication

Abandoning righteous nature, banishing all virtues

Thrusting the bosom of mother earth with a sword of limitless greed

Stamping her crown with a foot of polluted trash

Harrowing her womb with painful tines of modernization

It is not about the believer or the agnostic, but about mortal intelligence

All weapons of demolition are non-existent in the quiver of humanity

Nature has provided bountiful riches for the survival of its creation

Into the bargain its clay also delivers elements for mass destruction

The beauty must be embellished with ornaments of good deeds

Its abundant supplies and life forms to be valued if not worshipped

The thunderstorm shall else continue to bless the wretched civilization

With flames of fury and laws of universal creation

Certainly it would not separate the affluent and the erudite

For voracious greed can cool its heels but ravenous hunger cannot

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