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Nandita Gautam



Nandita Gautam


The Knot

The Knot

2 mins 300 2 mins 300

A day of colors and promises

Comes alive in reality and truth

Bringing with itself soft melancholy

An extravagant beauty in the air

Melody breezing the atmosphere

Its a day of reunion between two

The ones who had to part in previous birth

Again, together to unravel the mystery of life

A web of threads to tangle and sort

Vast and wide, reborn to tie the knot

Pieces of cloth cannot tie this knot

Or maybe yes, it can.

Its a bond more profound

An agreement to stand by together

Until death once again part their ways

She was a person in the present

One who worshipped this ritual

Where bonds are stronger and honest

Hopes painted with dreams is all she had

The knot was supposed to make her glad

She knitted her world thread by thread

Expectations from the only one who belonged there

The one on the other side of the knot

By whom she would come and sit quietly

Who had the right key to sort

And untangle this mystery of life

She unturned the locks one by one

Disappointed each time, she left no hope

Her lips raised each time eyes would meet

Stones would shine away from the diamonds

As long as she swayed and moved

Constructing the castle with her hands

Her hands that would rise to pray or grant a wish

Bereft of the ornaments she wore once

Decorated her hands, worked with her

Rewarded to her for tying the knot

No more announcing their presence

Time ticked counting each stone

Relations that kept her moving every hour

Never did she untie or flee

She stayed and stood rooted to the ground

Her heart would melt like liquid gold

Filling her castle with vibrant ecstasy

She got younger each day, a child's charm

Quietness absorbed all that came her way

Allegations did not touch her anymore

Soon enough she was a hefty burden

Upon all whom she selflessly served

Not many days or nights, but lifelong

An eternity passed as she awaited the end

The locks are all she would carry

To her new life and existence of a soul

As she prepares, a doubt raises in her mind

Is the eminence of the knot she had tied

Not long ago..

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