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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

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Defeat by the unknown

Defeat by the unknown

1 min

I went beyond my boundaries;

In hopes to answer questions that have been mysteries,

I tried so hard to fathom the fantastical,

I fail, why is it so tragic?

Countless attempts - no success,

Everyone lost hope, when am I making progress?

I lost belief in myself, started to bathe in distress,

Am I ever going to succeed in life?

Words fail me in response to this,

What else can I do but lie in this neverending abyss?

Lord, I need your aid - I'm short of breath,

God, the result of my failure would be my death.

Will the agony ever cease stabbing at my heart?

This life-changing discovery, when will I impart?

What else can I say - happiness has departed from my life.

This planet, why dear? Why so full of strife?

In the end, I stopped trying;

It's the unknown I'm defying,

Some are meant to be mysteries forever,

I know I'll go nowhere with this unchanging endeavor.

Oh, I'm aware;

I'm aware that my ongoing efforts will be fruitless,

I'm aware that continuing in this direction will never result in success;

I know, I know that my actions have been ruthless.

Catchline: We have to learn to accept defeat; especially from those mysteries that make mankind.

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