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Anju Sabharwal



Anju Sabharwal


Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love

2 mins 227 2 mins 227

The first rains brought back those fond memories of my love, 

The one who was in a haste to travel to the heavens above, 

The first icy drops on my cheek, 

Rekindled those sensuous memories in a streak, 

When we had walked in that pouring rain, 

To escape those tingling and sharp drops of rain, 

Searching high and low, far and near, 

To melt in each others' arms without any fear, 

Hours of endless pursuit and search, 

Found that perfect bough of birch, 

The melody of passion rose into a crescendo unheard, 

Oblivious of the surroundings undisturbed, 

Melted into a sculpture of fathomless beauty, 

Pure, untouched, unhindered, everlasting picturesque beauty, 

Together in life through the best and the worst, 

Weathering each storm without a frown or outburst, 

A love story which no one had ever heard, 

Nonetheless the image of love was untarnished and unperturbed, 

Together they were such a loving pair, 

That bystanders would just marvel and stare, 

How was it that there was no spoken word between the two, 

Yet the symphony that rang out from their hearts was so true, 

People would murmur many a times, 

They must have soulmates from bygone times, 

Shaking their heads and with a smile, 

Reply back that this is so untrue all the while, 

Such a loving pair were those inseparable two, 

Till the very end when it was time to bid adieu, 

Even they are both alive and kicking in one, 

With all the passionate memories woven into the heart of one. 

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