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Anju Sabharwal

Drama Romance


Anju Sabharwal

Drama Romance

A Love Story

A Love Story

2 mins 212 2 mins 212

Spring set in with the cherry blossoms in full bloom, 

Filling the entire mansion with a soft and romantic perfume, 

The early morning was full of soft and continuous chattering, 

Both of them were lost in their own light-hearted bantering, 

At the strike of the ancient timekeeper clock, 

Pulled her close to his broad chest in a tight lock, 

Looking down at her young and beautiful face, 

Trimmed at the edges with a delicate frilly lace, 

Her eyes darted to see the expression of pleasure on his adonis face, 

Tightening his grip further in a long, timeless and motionless embrace, 

Time flew away in leaps and bounds, 

Until the pounding hooves that shook the grounds, 

Broken from their lengthened morning embrace, 

They darted to be ready with great poise and grace, 

They made a perfect lovelorn couple, 

Who would blend in with a manner so supple, 

Never did one ever see a darkened expression or frown, 

They dazzled together always as if wearing an invisible crown, 

It seemed to be just out of a fairytale, 

A romance that would never ever go stale, 

For they were lost in each other each single day, 

Never leaving each other's side even through the rockiest way, 

They were a couple whom everyone would idolise, 

To have such a loving and caring relationship in guise, 

Heart throbs of all old and young, 

They were put on the highest rung, 

But they were unknown to this impression, 

For them, their love was the lasting impression, 

Their love became the hallmark and measure of romance, 

Oblivious of this, the two love birds always seemed in a slow dance, 

Today, even though they are now miles apart, 

Their beautiful romance still lingers in every heart, 

Couples by their love still do swear, 

To love each other with the same joy and care, 

Such a fantabulous and unbelievable love story, 

Is yet to be ever relived and repeated in history.

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