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Once which was a wild ride

Its been quite a while

Since she left his side

And he lost his smile...

Punctured soul pumping vein

Dusty heart being mundane

He recalled that crazy night

Sky was black and it rained..

His car undriven since long

His scar didn't heal along

He hoped she'd return someday

Singing his favorite song...

He chose to decide

Not to frown and hide

He turned on the lights

And engine revived...

He drove that night

To bring back what's lost

He didn't care about the rain

He knew what it had cost.

He reached her grave

With flowers in his hand

He knelled and proposed again

He cried and wrote on sand :

"I'm alive but you left

Please come back don't forget

I have loved you since years

Don't leave me with tears

I promise I'll take good care

I'll cherish the love we share

If only a second it would take

For I'll put my life at stake"

Came a voice from his heart

"I never left, you retard

Go back and repair this car

I'm here to heal your scar."

Happy and sad at same time

Knowing she was right

He drove back to his home

Started repairing his car alone

Its been a month now

His car is as good as unchanged

Flashed a memory as he looked

When their eyes exhanged

This car symbolized their love

She met him once in need.

When he gave her a lift

On the rainy night indeed.

Dead are those who don't love

She lived in his memories

He felt loved when he drove

His car, through the trees...

He promised her, he'll stay happy

Her love didn't go in vain

And with roar of that engine

Their love story revived again...

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