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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Last Night...

Last Night...

2 mins 208 2 mins 208

The first ray of the sun on a chilly winter morning

Reflecting through the window plane, waking her up without a warning

The soft fiber of the crumpled white sheet was rough for her softest skin

Her fingers still entwined with his, her expressions grim

A brand new day had dawned, as the snow on the roof had started to melt

But trapped in the turmoil, emptiness, and hollowness was all she felt

Everything seemed to be wrapped in the purest white

But this scene was nothing compared to the bewitching previous night

The violent hailstorm which was blessings of nature’s wroth

And to the bedazzling flame was drawn yet another moth

She had excelled in such a test, whose result was decided to be a failure

While broken on the inside, alluring was her demeanor

So much was said with no words at all

Back into his protective warm embrace, she wanted to crawl

Just the two of them against the world

For one night, she was his, and he was hers!

Now as the last night flashed in a blur before her eyes

The moments she wanted to hold-on forever had long fled

Looking at his illuminated face, only darkness she saw

Falling for his imperfection had turned out to be her greatest flaw

Releasing her hand, she took a final look at his gorgeous face

“If only it came with a functioning heart.” She said, “With this, I rest my case.”

As the sun no longer showed mercy, he reluctantly opened his eyes

And the truth which never came upon his lips was said with pretty little lies

With that blizzard, their bliss was over

And as it was time to say goodbye, both of them needed some closure

She remembered previous night’s tears of joy

At the parting of ways, the smile which didn’t reach her eyes was just a decoy…

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