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Devi Priyadarshini

Abstract Romance


Devi Priyadarshini

Abstract Romance

In The Poetry Of Life...

In The Poetry Of Life...

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When I am unable to bleed... I cry

When I am unable to cry ... I write

Words aren't just words...

They are manifestations manifold

At times releasing a lump in throat

Sometimes competing with tears

They gush out in vengeance...

Venting of queer emotions

Unheard and unsaid to the world

They flow incessantly when 

The mind is calm but noisy within

Expressing most intricate emotions

That's not decipherable to many...

They make the most sanguine company

For they create poetry to pacify the evil

When loneliness lurks like a Tasmanian Devil...

Poetry that unwinds like a bellowing storm

Poetry that heals even without a form

Within unfathomable depths of 

Myriad emotions that trail

Down the memory lane when the body goes frail

It's these words that time has juggled,

When age shone in agility undeterred,


By the tantrums of life and fragmented fantasies of fate.... 

Quietly engraved on the pages of time 

Preserved as memories through a few words bonded in rhyme! 

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