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Knight In Shining Armor

Knight In Shining Armor

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Washed away 

At a violent sea 

Tossed over 

Struggling to be.

He existed 

In his storm 

Knowing of his existence 

Kept me warm.

Then one day

The skies cleared 

Still were suddenly

The currents I feared.

The heavy mist lifted 

Slowly from my chest 

The pain lifted.

The violent gray sea

Was now fair

Life crept back in me

And he stood there.

He danced 

Into my storm 

In the arctic oceans 

He kept me warm.

My edges and curves 

He so perfectly fits

My sinking soul

He so effortlessly lifts.

Without torment 

I can now be 

I wonder if I’ll be to him

What he is to me.

Dear knight in shining armor 

Let me plant a garden in your heart 

Let me tend to it for hours 

So that when you’re wounded 

You bleed flowers.

Dear savior,

Let me stroke your velvet hair

So when the world goes against you 

You know that someone still cares.

Dear prince charming 

Let me take away your fears

So that your pearly eyes

Shine, but never with tears.

Dearly beloved,

Let me hold your hand in mine

So that we can together 

Stand the test of time 

Mon amour,

Let me be with you 

Let me show you 

That lips can lie 

But the soul loves true.

What I’d give 

To see happiness on your face 

And still feel no loss 

Because your smile is my happy place.

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