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I had an empty canvas.

I wanted to paint

But I didn't have colors

And so many constraints.

I had a wish

I wanted to make it true

But I didn't know how

How to make it through.

Every time I looked around

Everyone was painting their canvas

Nobody gave me color

No one bothered when I passed

I want to travel to a place

Where I'd find my color and brush

Where I won't need a ticket to go

Where my dreams won't get crushed

I'll bring some extra palette

I'll bring some extra brushes

For I'll help those who need me

To paint their colorful wishes

Does anyone have some color?

Does anyone feel the same?

I need my canvas back

I want to paint again.

My painting will be fine

For I know it would be mine

Doesn't matter perfect or not

I'll make it divine.

I found a dark red color

Now Let me paint my art

As the brush awaits to suck its ink,

From the blood of my heart !

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