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Pizza : A Short Poem

Pizza : A Short Poem

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This craving is endless

I wish I could eat you

I'm hungry since long

It's time for me to meet you

We are not cheesy

But what we have is

Every Layer of it

Every bite is a bliss

We both love it

We both want this

To melt in this heat

And to indulge in a kiss

All ingredients are ready

I'm firing up the oven

Let my fingers do the magic

And feel as if you are in heaven

When my lips touch you

That ecstasy I feel

Sudden burst of joy

Better than a Happy meal

Red tomato sauce

Oregano and chilly flakes

Compliments your beauty

That takes away my breath

Oh my one and only

I love you to the core

Nothing else can quench

I just want you more

If you are the only one left

And I've nothing left to cry

I would just be glad to stay hungry

And just hold you till I die.

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