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Priya Singh



Priya Singh


A Girl Is Born

A Girl Is Born

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The house was filled with happy faces, everyone was happy and joyful.

For a new born was to come.

For a new life was to make the house more brighter.

The big smile of Mother-in -law of the mother of unborn was a joy to behold.

The great day has come,the great moment has come.

Sweets are made and neighborhood lady musicians sung in chorus.

How ironical was that?

The mother was screaming in pain,while others were screaming in joy.

Beside the Mother, sat around four or five lady doctors, chattering and Making predictions of whether its a girl or a boy.

Graduated by delivering their as well as others babies in neighbourhood.

And experience that was, oh! you don't know they even delivered themselves.

At last after hours of struggle and hours of pain.

A sound of cry was heard.......a cry of relief was heard.

And thus came the second irony.

When the mother was relieved.......when the mother was full of joy, others were silent as dead.

Sweet making was stoppped and musicians were sent to their homes.

Then doctors slowly started moving wihout even giving a look to the little life..

The little life and the mother was left alone....alone in their respective condition.

The house suddnely turned into a graveyard.

And the big smile of the mother-in-law vanished into the grave soil.

And burried under her lips.....miles deep.

Breaking the silence a voice asked, "What happened"?

The grave face of mother-in-law,suddenly turned up,

It seems that she would kill the owner of the voice.

But others calmed her down and a girl instead of hers in her sullen voice answered

A girl is born.................

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