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Ananya Baruah



Ananya Baruah




2 mins

Ma, I want you to know that I'm fine

Do you know, you know

These streets, so much bigger and brighter

And oh boy the colossal buildings!

Shiny cars, shinier clothes

Everything glitters Ma,

I want you to know I'm fine.

I want you to know I'm fine even though you keep calling

Constantly because it's 8 am and I haven't returned your calls,

But Ma, understand this

8.30 lectures are meant to be missed and

Your constant worrying keeps me pissed

But at the end, I regret doing both.

I want you to know I am fine Ma

I am fine Ma, when you call and ask what I had for dinner

And I'm forced to tell you Bhat and Dal,

When honestly I just drank a glass of Tropicana with Parle-G.

You keep the phone satisfied,

Little do you know here I am with tears left behind,

With tears left behind but Ma do remember I am fine, I am fine.

You call me up so vexed, dying to know if I reached home safe,

My curfew time for you is still 8 pm

And I know you just turned on the TV, with another Nirbhaya news and another innocent left groped and molested,

But ma, calm down, take a deep breath

I reached home safe and sound,

I hang up.

Sorry Ma but I need to help my friend file a complaint,

Who just got stained with the colors of semen.

I am fine ma, are you listening?

Ma are you listening? I haven't slept in two days

The work keeps multiplying, the deadlines keep creeping in

And Magi is my constant companion

And dark circles and pimples seemed to have married me,

My laundry lies undone

The dishes stink

My life is a mess Ma,

And I got my heart broken again

He promised me a tomorrow,

And I don't even have him today.

My best friend is in another city,

I miss her birthday every year now

Somehow I am always broke,

God, even this tale seems so incoherent!

But Ma,

This place is not entirely so cold

The friends I made do fill this hole

I HAVE learnt to hold my head high

Every new day, I give it another try

I also met a guy,

He is kinda sweet- says I changed his life,

It does make me shy.

I am not fine Ma, I wish I could tell you so.

Not because you won't understand,

But because I want to learn.

The scars on my soul run deep deep down

But they're healing,

With every new move.

I will be fine Ma, trust me I will.

I wish you'd have told me- it is this hard to live.

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