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Sanjeev Patra



Sanjeev Patra




2 mins

Man achieved a lot, invented many and progressed to the impossible limits

His knowledge crossed many barriers from Artificial Intelligence, Robotics to Space

From Internet, Gene Editing, to Walking on the Moon, wonders in Medicines,

From Deepest part of the Pacific to top of the Mount Everest

Man has advanced in every aspects of life, from land to space.

But has he overcome himself, his own inner multiple beings?

But has he realised his true self, his true potential?

First way for man to become spiritual is to dissolve his ego

Come what may he has to become humble in every situation

We tend to be humble in front of our parents, teachers and society

Before our spouses, children, peers, and managers, rich and wealthy

But have we ever become humble before that one almighty

Because that is the only way to realise the Supreme Divine

We are all parts and creations of that One Eternal Divine

But Man always lives in fool's paradise

When he thinks that his mind knows everything

When he feels his heart can control all emotions

When he tries to prove that his body has unlimited powers

In the process of human growth,

We forgot that we got everything on loan from the Supreme

Can we show our gratitude and humility to the Divine

Because "Humility to the Divine" is the only right attitude

To save us from immense stupidities and chaos that we profess

Need of the Hour is an absolute and integral humility

For a separative consciousness where "I" does not exist

Where "He" controls everything without our knowledge

Truth, nobility, and disinterestedness are the only actions

Humble life without any desire or attachments

We forget the Divine when we start acquiring money, power, or wealth

We should be humble before the Divine

Because all that we possess or acquire are not ours, but all His assets,

Nothing stays with us forever neither material or mental growth

We may reach pinnacle of Science, Technology and exceptionally intelligent

But this human intelligence is peanuts before the Divine Consciousness

We are temporary trustees of all His Knowledge, Power and Infinite Love

When we get some new knowledge, we must be humble before the Divine

That may be just a dot in His Vast Universal Knowledge

When we get a blow, or a pain, we must be humble before the Divine Plans,

Remember within: It is His pain and suffering which His gifted body endures

We are only intermediary personality between our soul and the Divine

Need to erase that personality's words from the inner spiritual dictionary:

I, Me, Mine, Our, I think, I feel, I see, My Way, My own, My understanding,

We will be truly humble when:

We feel that we are nothing but His Instruments

We are nothing but His Creations

We breathe from His breath

We enjoy from His Universal Joy

We can do nothing but His Actions

We can achieve nothing without His Grace

We can understand nothing without His Love

We know nothing except the Divine

Slowly we will start to realise the Divine

Without any feeling of superiority, pretensions or doubts

Despite reaching the highest heights

We must be open to all with no jealousy or prejudice

We must stay grounded at our very roots,

Living a life with sincerity and genuineness

With a willingness to drop everything for the sake of harmony

With an intense surrender and love for the Divine

Blossoms our chance for a union with the Supreme

A strong will power and a perfect Humility can erase our past Karma

This true spontaneous Spiritual Humility becomes the Starting Point of Yoga

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