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Curled up in a gloomy corner, I lay.

Lost was I and I had nothing to say.

Afraid was I of my thoughts, my eyes all sunken,

Deeper and deeper was I going in the dungeon.

I met the other me and I greeted her with all my might,

Full of conflicts I was and I so wanted to fight.

Hatred, anger, rage, disgust and contempt were so overwhelming,

I went on and on, I didn't and just couldn't stop complaining.

So detached and dissatisfied was I with the other me,

Getting rid of her was my plan and free I wanted to be.

The more I fought, she started growing larger,

Clueless, I was going farther and farther.

Destroying her is not going to be easy I thought,

I had to think something really out of the box.

Struggling was I with her, I know not for how long,

Nothing was working, something was definitely wrong.

Time was passing, I couldn't hold any longer,

Hatred came down with all the other companions.

"We can't do anything now, we give up" they said.

"Whom should I go to?"the question remained.

"Try love and acceptance" they suggested.

"No way!" was my instant reaction to what they said.

"You have to give them a chance" they still insisted.

"Let's try!" I said thinking I had no other option left.

Love entered and she started growing smaller,

Acceptance arrived and she became completely normal.

She had been with me for so long I thought,

"Friends?" She asked and surprised was I caught.

I accepted the friend request and I saw my radiant reflection,

The moment I shook hand, I was pulled like in a suction

I was in front of an ocean, No more I lay in the dark

brightest Sun was shining with rainbow making an arc!

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