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At The Sea Shore

At The Sea Shore

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The sea at its brazen best,

The breeze blew my dress;

My hand on my hat,

And my hat on my head;

I look ahead at the elusive sea,

And it's reflections back within.

Flamboyant braids,

Of blue and yellow in my hair,

And ravenous black feathers,

Entangled with bronze on my ear;

I channel my inner Cleopatra,

With wings of black adorning my dark deep eyes.

My black eyes and the blue ocean,

Mellowed by the brown of the twin disguise.

They were both so beautiful and calm, On the outside.

As I stood there, I locked eyes,

Of course through the twin disguise,

With neither a man nor a woman,

A eunuch as baptized.

They walk towards me,

Smile on their face and indifference plastered on their eyes,

And begin the only livelihood they are allowed,

By this society of men and women, humanity devoid.

They asked me for money,

And I said I did not have much,

But none the less took out some,

'Cause I'm scared of the eunuch's curse.

The breeze has lightened my steps a little,

And the eunuch's presence jilted my nerves;

In midst of this chaos of joy and scare

I let out a friendly nervous smile,

Reminding myself,

They are just as human as I.

The eunuch walks up a little closer,

Stares with an excited sly smile,

Then in a single breath,

Tells me, "He still loves you too much".

Their words take me aback,

As you are still on my mind.

And my eyes reciprocate,

Hidden safely behind my brown disguise.

They, perhaps sensed my turmoil,

As they broke into a grin and probed me again,

If I too loved you too much,

If I too felt the same.

Maybe they were too sly,

Or maybe a clairvoyant,

As they asked for more money,

To pray for our union.

I won't lie,

Us is what I truly wanted;

And as naively trusting my heart is,

Not to trust would have haunted.

So, I give them more money,

In exchange for their blessing;

And hope their wishes,

Align our stars while my destiny it etches.

The eunuch smiled gleefully and said,

My heart's desires I shall have,

And all my wishes the universe shall fulfill,

Before they place their hand on my head and then they leave.

I stand at the shore,

The waves crashing at my feet.

My heart beats racing to the count of the waves,

Mimicking it's beauty and it's wade.

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