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Samuel Dsouza

Abstract Drama Romance


Samuel Dsouza

Abstract Drama Romance

Broken Marriage....

Broken Marriage....

2 mins 367 2 mins 367

The, "I love you’s", have stop; There no love evermore

Vows of wedding have Fade of off, closeness turn cold

Waiting to part day pass like slow dripping water

Fill Each with memories just makes this breaking bond better


There is pain pierce in my heart, their things said the past

The last walk is still once more when the Road divides us; home

Who will look back, Who Rather Cry?

Will tear silence Or Weakness in the eyes?


Like drowning once the struggle over

Body hit bottom Memories float above; like it all forgotten

Slowly life reality kicks in; whom do we bank on

Even drunken men take time on the path to walk on


Grasping the ground is slipping in time as days become to months

But in time of daydreaming her thought does come once

No matter what pressure to work how fast I have to travel

But her company with me would discover new things in times Gravel


Family distort though try and smile

Agony aunt and uncle ask the piercing question; why

Even if we shrug them off, they turn to his arrogant nature! Why

How we tell these dorks don’t in my life pry


Now, Birthdays, anniversary's comes and goes

Message passes through and fro

Ultimately there one year that also dies

That how relations break slowly without a tear in the eye


Slow straggle of death seems to grip every hour, day and year

There’s no memories struck out so pain could be less worse

Even death stands afar and has a hearty smile

You can intrude voices around you which pry

Time and hope is only what you hold too

Life seems so bitter hard to move on without you

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