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Bijal Jagad



Bijal Jagad




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Love's Golden wing has the Power to Fly.

Love's Feet walk the hardest World and can still glide.

Love in the peak and valley's finds its Honey of a physical Longing.

One can have the Nectar of Love to reach the Hive.

In Every Heart Beat Lies the Love of Myriad One.

Light in that Space, housing phantom of an aureate sun.

Love's Golden wing has the Power to Fly, Glide, Vibe, Jive back in the Hive.

Love is the Sea where intellect drowns! 

A Mystic Movie Films the inner star and Suns.

In our Body is hidden Galaxies,

Breathing Deep Silences of Eternal Grace.

Love finds its ways through Long Monotony chains.

Her Heart triumphed in Intolerant pains.

Love in its total Nued and Emptiness, Yearns the presence of God' s and Saints.

Love is not Seasonal, 

You are Love in Every breadth, 

You are Golden Breathing house of Love.

You are Love itself. 

Love is what you are and Everything is Official about it! 

God Is Love and You are His Love in the body Form. 

Love itself is the Actual Form Of God.

You Carry a fountain of Love inside you, an Ardent Breath of Life. 

Love is Your Very Nature, 

You Be silent, Let Love of God take over You, Giving you the Glimpse of who you are, the Joy of life was on his open face.

I am Veda the knower of the Unwritten Book.

Your Body is the Temple of Love,

the First Love is to Love your own self for the Sake of God's love and Cosmic Play. 

Just Like in A Darvish the Dancer vanishes and only the Dance Remains, There is a whole different Dimension to Love Itself. 

Love Your Self First, as you can't Pour out from an Empty Mug, and You then become the Being of Love:

You Become Love itself at its full crescendo. 

The Love you Seek is always Seeking You, Just as the Water Seeks the Thirsty, Thirsty also seeks water... 

What you Seek is Seeking You! All three are interdependent Water, Thirst and the Thirsty.

A Constant Touch of sweetness links all Hearts, reading the gestures of Silhouettes opening a window to the Metaphysical Romance sealed in the Occult Law of the Unknown,

Waiting in the Calm lakes to feel her spirit forms. Life's secret is carved written within the Mazes of Tangled paths of time to only find Love of God and God in Us as hidden Script, the Original Text on Life's Divine Note, Blissful Voice to find:

Love Met Me in the Emerald Woods!

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