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Bijal Jagad



Bijal Jagad


Silent Satsang

Silent Satsang

2 mins 27 2 mins 27

The Sound of stones on Water wove a spell,

In deep cleft of Silence, tranquils two realms of heaven and Hell.

On the Banks of love, clutched under Silent shadow of Doom,

Deep Pain of cloistral yearning the wound.

The Titanic Silences, Drowns one in passionate flow of turbid Wave,

Drinking the Nectar of Life From the Hive of Honey Cave.

From the Blue Heaven's equipoise, the Gate of Heaven opens up,

An open meeting to the God Residing above and in us.

To wrestle with the Shadow is like doubting the beloved's creation,

The Zigsaw puzzle falls in Place, when you know the Fabric and Threads are one and the same.

Yet only the outward Self Suffers alone,

One has to the Nature, as The Nature as its own.

The unassisted Mind didn't find it's past anywhere,

The Self Illumined swiftly encircling the ancient figure of Self and more

Once you meet the Intense Blaze of Flame,

 the Ego vanishes and the original Self Remains.

The adventures of Soul is on Dual Karmic table Bonds,

Time's Lord Resides in You as Timeless and Faceless the Eternal breadth of God. 

Murmurous deep woods of thoughts, of heavy servitudes of karmic Gods

Hidden inevitable links of muffled in Spell of Colloquy original Gods.

Unlock the Hidden Gates of the Mysterious Play,

The Human Side is Translucent clock, abiding celestial power of the Cosmic thought.

The whole word takes refuge in this Silent Heart to infinity

Harboring the Breath, the Silence of God finding one's natural home in Eternity.

In the Haven of Splendid Truth's Vault, lies the Golden temples door

Taking Refuge in this heart of Gold,

Awakening the Celestial sense to the Core.

The Cosmic worker lay his secret hand on you, A silent satsang in the Silent Heart,

It's his Grace and I am an instrument in his heaven and in his Heart.

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