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Eternal Curse

Eternal Curse

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Amidst the dark, dingy woods

Managing to thrive,

I try to recover, rejuvenate myself,

It’s hard to survive

No man can live as an island,

Journeying through life alone,

Unbearable are the days,

A deadly monotone

To breathe in the absence of

Animate beings, cursed am I.

Isolated from the world,

Now it’s better to die.

Proud of my beauty,

One day I proclaimed

"More attractive than me,

Can she be named?

God! Let ugly ones be

Forever banished!

To visualize such faces

Each day, I feel punished!"

God said,

"No one dear girl,

Is as beauty as you are,

To live your happy life,

You must travel far.

Far from the civilized world,

No faces to see,

Trees and animals will surround you,

And you will be free.

No human can enter

That proclaimed land,

Thrive there, till one day

You turn to sand."

I now realize the debt of pride,

To the laws of the world,

Wish I would abide.

My Comardes, the grass-hopper,

The bee, ask, 'why?'

No answer to give them,

I can just cry.

Save, please save!

Coffins! For you I crave.

To breathe in the absence

Of homo-sapiens, cursed, am I.

Secluded from the crowd,

Now it’s better to die!

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