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Ishita Gupta



Ishita Gupta


Why Should I Care?

Why Should I Care?

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Glittering eyes, smart look, bright face,

Hair combed neatly, and parted sideways;

Spotless white shirt, tie around the neck,

Books in a bag, too many to take.

There goes a little school boy, down through the street,

Tightly pulled up socks, cozy shoes on his feet.

Dad waves from the balcony, multi-storeyed apartment;

Mom’s eyes reflect her motherly attachment.

Indeed he was carrying a heavy load, a burden of knowledge;

As a responsible, successful citizen, some day he will take pledge.

I walked forward and looked towards the other side of the street,

There was another carrying load, but this time, no shoes on his feet;

Another little boy, probably of his counterpart’s age,

No shirt on his back, his eyes with no glaze

And this time, the load were bricks, not books;

Striving hard to walk, how ugly he looks!

Dad into gambling, mom was dead,

He heavily panted, his body sweat-spread!

He carried a load, a burden of poverty, misery & illiteracy.

‘No-child labour’ tag now falls prey to hypocrisy.

It doesn’t trouble me much, none of my sorrow;

I saw it today, and will forget it tomorrow.

Help him change the bricks to books, should I?

I can, but no need, why to take trouble? Why?

I lived the school boy’s life, and can leave him to cry.

Even if he is hungry, roofless, withering to die!!!

It should not bother me at all, none of my sorrow,

Because I saw it today, and will surely forget tomorrow!

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