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Drops Of Comfort

Drops Of Comfort

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I yearn for your visit

From time to time.

When the heat of the sun

Scorch my skin,

The thought of your touch

Trickle my every inch.

Oh! How I yearn for you!

Rain, rain, go away!

They sing!

How I wish such song,

Existed never!

Because; how daring of them

To chase you away when

I have yearned heartily

For your return!

I'm entertained when you arrive;

With your parade of drums and light

Striking in the heavens

Of thickly lined cotton clouds.

Your arrival, completes me.

It blesses me with solace;

Enabling me to be more accepting

Towards my own solidarity.

Oh, and when heavens blow infinite kisses,

Suddenly I feel, could I be loved ever so more?

Cool breeze, giving warm hugs... Ah...

Such bliss in my simple life;

Suddenly, I'm feeling gracious.

Thankful for the joys of simplicity.

Thankful for each cleansing drop!

If my heart can leap out of my chest;

It will be dancing.

Drenched in your kisses of dews,

Enveloped in your hugs of earthly scented musk!

You are my ever lasting song,

My romantic saga!

That judge not my solidarity but

Celebrates with me!

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