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Shelly Simon

Abstract Others


Shelly Simon

Abstract Others

C'est Abominable

C'est Abominable

1 min 30 1 min 30

Have you any idea

The effect you have on me?

When I see you

I freeze, bound by your

Entire being.

My heart skips a beat

My breathing rushed

You’re everywhere I go,

Every corner I turn

My eyes can’t seem to forget

You, your stare and that

Condescending stance.

You’ve changed me

From the naïf

To someone who has forgotten

What peace felt like.

You’ve taken over my senses

And watch in sheer bliss.

You enjoy this, don’t you?

You haunt my dreams

And I wish, every minute

Of every day; I plead to the stars

That you leave me

Leave like a balloon

Bought by an excited child

At a fair.

Leave without a trace

Like the ocean’s secrets.

And maybe then

I’d be happy

I’d feel safe alone

I’d be satisfied

But you, you made

Your home in mine

Because of you, I live

In constant unrest,

Not knowing when;

When it will happen

When you’ll strike.

I am on the brink

Of madness, wondering

Waiting for you,

Hoping you never show up

And each time

I think we’re through,

That you’ve gone

Far away and

Made another home,

I see you,

Staring and I,

I hate you

You disgusting lizard.

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