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Abhishek Singh



Abhishek Singh


A Train Journey ...

A Train Journey ...

1 min

The journey chugs off with the Engine's iconic whistle, 

The train then heavy heartedly leaves behind the platform's hustle and jostle.


The rhythmic sound of tracks and the mesmerizing smell of air serves as a refresher, 

With the serpent not just connecting two points on the map but different cultures.


Every station en-route brings onboard exciting individuals and the local delicacy, 

While the person adjacent to the window continues to flaunt in an air of supremacy.


The TTE scrambles across to colour up his sheets, with a detective sight, 

While the waitlisted passengers turn to him as the centre of attention, as on his wedding night.


Through their innovative jingles, you get greeted by the ubiquitous tea-seller, 

But the first sip makes you ponder whether India really is milk and sugar's leading producer? 


The vendor marketing his tea as worse amongst the worst is unexpectedly the bestseller, 

It gives us an answer to how tainted politicians often turn up as excellent vote grosser. 


Some people are always busy discussing if the train can make up for the lost time? 

While some keep on munching food from their magic box until the clock turns nine.


Every journey here is itself an experience for both the opulent and simple, 

With the Indian Railways humbly bringing closer, a nation of over a billion people.

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