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Abhishek Singh

Comedy Romance


Abhishek Singh

Comedy Romance

A Love Story...

A Love Story...

2 mins 51 2 mins 51

She peeked at me, out of her window every day,

As on the way to tuitions, her house was on the way.

She thought that I did not notice her,

But my heart was struck, since the day I first saw her.

And this went on for days and weeks,

Till we finally got the chance to speak.

We first met at the Grocer’s store,

Where she was bargaining hard to get some more.

She shied off, noticing I was there,

And started biting her nails in despair.

I then politely greeted her,

And she replied back almost like a murmur.

Her modest smile enhanced her beauty,

And her shy behaviour greeted her modesty.

And just another day in between our talks,

I asked her out in the garden, for a walk.

I had courage mustered up to propose to her in that meet,

But the news of her departure made me retreat.

She said that she was leaving the city,

And I stood still in a state of pity.

I then dropped her home and bid her goodbye,

But it wasn’t easy to hold back the tears in the eyes.

And then on till the day of her departure,

I committed to myself that I wouldn’t ever see her.

But these commitments turned out to be fake,

As my love and feelings were put at stake.

I walked up to her house, to confess to her about my state,

Only to realize that I was a bit too late.

I saw her moving away in a car,

Which I chased till it went too far.

Having completed my studies, I landed up in a job,

But still, her thoughts made the heart to sob

Then one day came up a marriage proposal,

Which I had to accept my parents’ disposal.

And then came the most important day of my life,

I wished that the girl of my dreams was by my side.

And as I was seated for the marriage rituals,

A beautiful girl walked up by my side.

My would-be wife then murmured in my ear,

That you should have run faster that day, my dear.

Now everything seemed as if in a fairytale,

And I then greeted her with the three magical words.

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