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Abhishek Singh

Tragedy Abstract


Abhishek Singh

Tragedy Abstract

Migrant In The City...

Migrant In The City...

2 mins

I have coexisted with my numerous problems in the cities for years,

Ironically, a catastrophic event got the world to lend their ears.

I was even there perfecting your luxury apartments, leaving just before your housewarming,

But now I can't dare to stand at the gate to admire, fearing the security's warnings.

I brought fresh vegetables to your doorstep, keeping your convenience into consideration,

Never had I even anticipated that my religion would one day become to you a source of botheration.

Maybe you've forgotten that I was the first to greet you upon your arrival to the city,

But sadly, unlike you, it took me only a month to be reduced to a state of pity.

I screamed at the election rallies to bolster your political prosperity,

But you, in turn, turned a deaf ear to even my earnest entreaty.

However, I don't blame you as I always was an insignificant entity in the busy city lanes,

My profession was my only identity, as you never even asked for my first name.

I heard people denoting my homeward march as an act of resilience and determination,

But I humbly prayed to God that no one has to go through this state of desolation.

The COVID19 has exposed the brutal reality in the so-called metropolitan cities, where a vast majority of the daily earning class, better known as the migrant laborers, stranded against fate for survival. This community went unnoticed even in typical situations as we were dependent on their hard work to make lives easier for us in the cities. But we never paused and expressed our gratitude for the innumerous sacrifice that each one of them made. When we land at any major airport, it is highly likely that we would avail the taxi service driven by a migrant person, toiling hard for existence in the city. Hence post COVID era, we should make a conscious effort that we at least are not disrespectful to these people and should tender a token to thanks for their efforts.

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