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Vanya Tentiwala


A Nightmare

A Nightmare

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A nightmare fawning in my bed,

Living a cool life all over my head.

Making me cuddle in my bed,

And the nightmare pretending to be a pretty dream fed.

With a disgusted mood I asked my mind

Why are you making me see the nightmares of this kind?

My mind answered laughing, just trying to bring back

The memories with a quick drive!

Lying in bed nothing but the clock ticking

And counting down before my mind starts clicking.

Closing my eyes I see a way leading to hell

Whereas,on opening them I thought it was just a nightmare well!

I am 14,and still counting the hours left for dawn,

Despite the fact I was opening my mouth like a giant to give a big yawn.

Nightmares are the feelings buried deep down,

When I go to bed they come around.

Before going to bed I pray,

So that I can have a peaceful sleep until the day!!

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