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suhas ghoke

Drama Romance


suhas ghoke

Drama Romance

A Message

A Message

2 mins

Getting no message is also a message.

Similarly not responding is also a response.

Nowadays I am more sentimental and I cannot help myself.

Tears flow from my eyes

Do you know what I have been


Can you feel my pain?

I wish you could ..

I can’t believe

How you act

But it’s a fact I feel abandoned

And I feel used

What you wrote

Made me confused

The message you wrote

Didn’t sound like you .

I thought you were perfect

But I found nothing new.

You ran away

From troubles, this is true

But u wont be always by my side

As I was for you.

Nothing has happened

I have not been abused

Yet somehow, deep inside

I feel hurt and used.

We would chat all day

And chat all night

But what have u done??

I have a heart to care

I love people more than myself

I wonder where I have gone wrong?

I having seen myself changing but the recent ones have awestruck me a lot.

I am pushing myself in the dark.

Have I become so irritating

I am burying myself everyday

Under my own expectations.

Someday I will call you in my funeral

Just a blank message will be passe.

Will you weep?

Will you come?

Or I am dead

And already buried.

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