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Robin John



Robin John


A Fallen Petal

A Fallen Petal

2 mins

My Farewell poem in college

My heart did wander to where it belongs,

as waves do crawl leaving the shore behind.

But, I knew all is for time and new days to come;

no matter, how far we go our footsteps are a promise,

to make our college proud in our every sphere of life.

I felt like a kid playing a swing in the bliss of joy,

dreaming the way, that it would never end sometime.

A little while then, my hands were clutched to my father's hands;

Left helpless to utter a word, I kept turning my head towards the lonely swinging seat,

longing to get back on a big ride again.

Oh, Dear Teachers, you know not how much we die to breathe the classroom air;

No wonder, it’s because of you alone we knew ourselves.

We might leave this place as a fallen petal from a blooming flower,

but shall always remain faithful from the bottom of our hearts.

You never care for your very own self,

though long sleepless nights did let you down;

yet, your soul has a way that touched our lives,

No wonder! We are greatly gifted with a heart so true;

as nothing compares to the faith we have in you.

My thoughts go detached losing its rhythm;

as tears roll down my tender soul,

wondering what guts, I get to go away from my beloved friends!!

Yet, only times can change and not the bond we shared.

As one we flocked by day and night,

now, leaving our last feathers on the arms of time.

Well, these memories dawn at the night of time,

where only shadows remind us of our presence together;

But, we shall always come back to this place to be,

Not anytime a guest!

but a beloved child of our College family.

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