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Rituals were being performed; the pious fire aflame. The pundits were chanting the sacred chants and the whole atmosphere was full of devotion.


All the family members were present. The rituals were supposed to ward off the sins as if, the sins were being driven out along with the fumes.


The phone rang.


"What happened? Don't you know, I am in the middle of Puja? OK..OK..Has the old man agreed?"


Pause for a moment, "No way…Get him to agree, man..You know..I want that hook or crook. Otherwise, where shall I make our next apartment? Bribe him..dare him..purchase him..I don't want to hear any excuses. I need that piece of land itself."


Some of the sins which were being driven out regained life.


Yes, the stage was set for another pious ritual, another sacred chant next month, another puja, for fresh sins.

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