The Skymen

The Skymen

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The Skymen 

The skymen, more intelligent and powerful than men, landed on earth. They made captive of the entire human race and put them into their farm houses, human sheds that is, like night shelters of our cities.

They used to castrate men for better obedience, and more labour leaving a few for procreation. They used to extract milk from women leaving some for the survival of the human babies.

As their new year approached, they preferred human flesh for their meat and festivity. Men, women and even children were getting slaughtered inside the human farms. As my turn came for beheading, I told them it was brutal to kill me for their food. "But you, men, used to do the same to your cattle and other animals till we came here," they said, and pulled me towards their slaughter house.

I screamed and got up. Oh God! I was simply dreaming, all this was not true!

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