Missed Call

Missed Call

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Suchitra hops along, a lightness in her step, head buried in her phone. That handsome young man she saw fleetingly on the campus the other day, God! OMG! She has not been able to get him out of her mind ever since. Now, at last, with a little help from a friend, she has finally got his name.

Anubhav Deshpande. Anubhav, Anubhav, Anubhav, she hums. What a lovely feeling, what a lovely day. Alas, he works in another project! ‘If only we were to somehow bump into each other - a meeting across projects, a get together, somewhere, somehow,’ she smiles at the thought.

He looks sooooo good, she sighs as she goes through his account on Instagram. ‘Likes to travel, and loves dogs too, just like I do.’ There are pictures of places he has been to, and of his dog, a cute little Labrador called Biscuit. Shooo cheweet! And, there seems to be no special female friend, thank God! The few photos with women are of those of family, she sighs with relief.

Absorbed as she is in the guy in her phone, she fails to see the young man approaching from the opposite side. And, collides into him. Bam!

‘Sorry,’ she mumbles, too engrossed to look up, and continues on her way.

‘Silly girl. Look where you are going,’ Anubhav mutters to himself. ‘She was pretty though,’ he says with regret, then shrugs and moves away.

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