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The Perfect Date
The Perfect Date

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I was expecting that this will be a perfect date. This should be. Because this was my first one. So, here is how it was.

I went for my first date. Sounds interesting, but I was nervous. I wore a pretty skirt with long heels, I was looking beautiful and he came to pick me up on his bike. We planned to go to a restaurant he booked for dinner. It was a good weather to roam around. We were roaming and on the way to our bad luck, a cop comes and holds him for not wearing a helmet. Every time he does wear helmet and today, maybe just to show off he didn’t wear. Well, his mistake he paid it off. But it was a little embarrassing to get caught on the date.

So, after this we went to a restaurant, awaiting a surprise for us. The table was given to someone else as we were late. Isn’t it so perfect? Well, we were waiting to have dinner at this restaurant as this is the most favorite of all and this is where we first met. Well, no option than to look for something else. We kept looking but to our surprise all the restaurants were full. It was like everyone wants to celebrate Valentine’s day today only. Oh, wait now I recollect it was Valentine’s day indeed. Then, don’t think we got a table that night. We didn’t. We had to eat out at one of the Dhabas on the road. The place was open and we could see the stars and others were seeing us. The food was good. We ate and then left. We then decided to go to his cousin’s birthday party. So, we left there. They all were waiting for us for cake cutting. He cut the cake. We took some pics and then it was drink and dance. The party was boring as I didn’t know anyone apart from him. But, I was trying to enjoy. I drank that night and while dancing because of the long heels, I fell down. So, embarrassed. I don’t know what was happening today. It was like the whole world was behind us to screw our date. Well, he dropped me back home.

I was so sad about the date. The first date. But, when you wish something you really want, I guess you get it. It started raining on the way home. I slept over his shoulder. We got drenched in the rain. We reached home and before I left home, I remember he kissing me on my forehead and said- “It was just the first one, we have got more of it.”I just smiled and left. This is how it ended. This was the first date. The perfect one. The unusual and the ever memorable one.

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