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Crime Drama Tragedy

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This story starts with an introduction of a person who is a selfless being implements ethics and make sure everyone around him is doing well. We call him Surya.

Satish, a well known Gunda in a well known city is trying to be a politician. One day Surya was on his way to home after work and he sees a crowded place where Satish was delivering a speech. He stops the vehicle and listens to the complete speech. He finds the flaws in speech and notes them and sends all flaws as a message to Satish. Satish sees the message and tried to work on the flaws and delivers another speech next day after correcting all the flaws. After the Speech he got lot of applause from the audience. With this he was very happy, that he personally calls Surya and offers a job to provide suggestions and speeches and also offered nice pay. Surya could not reject the offer due to nice pay and immediately accepted the offer. Since then Surya maintained every day program which includes speeches, meetings, lunches, dinners with popular people and also donations, he also maintained financial information for Satish. Satish just followed Surya's directions and he won the elections which was more than expected.

Satish gave Surya a prominent position in his team. Satish wanted to make more money by approving some illegal projects and all. Since Surya would not accept such cheap things he tried to do it secretly. After few months, Surya started to know his secret projects and tried to convince him that these cheap tricks will not do any good to him. Satish would not listen to him and continued his projects. Disappointed with Satish's move, Surya left him and the city. One of them was such a blunder that it busted within six months and his reputation was damaged severely. Opposition parties took this as an advantage and they blamed him all the days, legal notices were kept on coming from different people from different states, he got warnings from the same party senior members. Satish was very tensed and was in a very difficult situation he left with no option other than approaching Surya again.

Surya immediately showed up in this situation and he told he can get him out of this bad situation and can increase the reputation within a month if he listened to him. Surya took promise from Satish that he would listen to him in every single step about to take. Satish agreed to his condition, and started listening to him.

Surya suggestions were very simple, lose all the money he made using the illegal ways and donate them all to the farmers who were in distress with loans. The firm which gave him a bad name was also donated to a Non Profit Organization which was started again on his name giving employment to thousands of people. But these deeds were not sufficient to regain a damaged reputation, Surya thought to do more than this. He started working on improving the city water system, preserve the water bodies such as lakes in the city. He started using all the latest technologies to improve the water quality in lakes such as implementing the Bio digester system in Sewerage system. Providing subsidies to home owners to install bio digester tanks in their homes. Reducing taxes who maintain their home with all quality standards. Improved security system by installing CC Cameras in every area and before every home. This not only helped in improving the quality, but also generated a lot of jobs in the neighboring area with which there were reduced criminal activities in the area and money transactions increased.

The strength of Satish has increased day by day and he is getting all new reputation among the people as well as in his party. He was offered to run for MLA seat in the elections by party, the seat was supposed to be offered to Nagesh, a two time MLA winner from same party. Due to the huge popularity the seat was declined to Nagesh and was offered to Satish. Satish gladly accepted the offer. Nagesh could not bare this, and started sketching to kill Satish.

Surya, was aware of such consequences and tightened the security. A party member has invited Satish to a drink party in a hideous manner. Surya suspected it could be a sketch to kill Satish and tried to warn him. Satish wanted to listen what the party members were thinking and went to party without listening to Satish. The party was in a guest house which was located in city outskirts. Surya called Praneeth, his friend who also works in the Opposition Party and finds that it was really a sketch to kill Satish in the Guest house. Then Surya tries to make a contact with Satish to inform about the sketch. Satish avoids the call and reaches the guest house. Surya calls Praneeth to save him and bring him back. Since Praneeth was nearby Guest House he kidnapped Satish and takes him to his own place.

Praneeth informs Surya that he will remain kidnapped at his place for few days and would be released so that Opposition Party would think it is truly a kidnap and nobody gets suspected. Praneeth makes ransom deal with his family members in return for Satish. Surya was well aware of all this and remains silent and let it happened. Police tries to find Praneeth, however without success as usual. Aditi, Satish sister arranged the money and gave to Praneeth for his brother. Satish was released however Praneeth falls in love with Satish sister and wanted to marry her.

Praneeth approaches to Surya to get him married with Aditi. Surya was okay with it and talks to Satish for which Satish refused as he is a kidnapper and not a good person. Aditi was also fell in love with Praneeth and she wanted to marry him. Remained with no option, Satish had to marry her to Praneeth as per her happiness. Still Satish did not like Praneeth and would keep him away all the time.

Praneeth takes care of Aditi very well and Satish was happy about that apart from that he never liked Praneeth. Praneeth still works for opposition party despite of Surya convincing him to join Satish. Praneeth was a charm in his area and could win elections.

The opposition party offered to run for same MLA seat for which Satish was running. Since Praneeth was awaiting for such opportunity he could not refuse it and accepts the offer. Surya tried to convince him to step down as it would not be good for relations. Praneeth did not listen and continued to run for elections. Satish got furious and stopped talking to Aditi and cut their relations. Aditi was also not happy with Praneeth and stopped talking to Praneeth. Both Praneeth and Satish had done a very good campaign and gave good competition. Since Surya still supports Satish and could play tricks a lot better than Praneeth he made sure the campaign for Satish went well.

Satish won and Praneeth lost the elections. Satish was very happy and little disappointed because of his in law losing elections. Praneeth was also happy as Satish won it. Aditi and Praneeth started talking again. Aditi says to Praneeth, if you would have won those elections I would have definitely left you. Praneeth was relieved from stress and was happy that he lost the elections. Satish invited Praneeth for a dinner and they talked well and Praneeth returned home.

Although Praneeth lost the elections he gained lot of fame among the people and the party reputation increased. So, he was made President of the city for the party and he get to choose people to run for Corporator on next elections. Sometimes he used to visit Surya to handle some favors for people. Satish did not mind it.

Aditi gives birth to baby boy, Satish visits the Praneeth house and meets his new born nephew. Praneeth and Aditi were very happy due to Satish visit.

In the Corporator Elections Ramesh, a Party worker buys the seat from Satish to run for elections. In the Opposition Party Praneeth choses one of the best Party worker, Satyanarayan. Satyanarayan was gaining popularity in the area and would definitely win the elections if he run for Corporator Elections. Knowing this, Ramesh tries to kill Satyanarayan and succeeds in it. However, it was taped by a journalist, Ananth. Ananth tried to publish in his news paper however the Editor Bhaskar did not want that to happen since he was a relative to Ramesh. Bhaskar informs to Ramesh that he grabbed the tape from Ananth and only evidence is Ananth and to kill him. Ananth overhears and escapes from there to Surya. Surya undergrounds Ananth for few days and tries to grab the tape from Bhaskar with no success. Surya informs to Praneeth about the Satyanarayana, Praneeth was very furious and wanted to kill him immediately, so he grabs the Editor Bhaskar and tortures him till the tape was provided. After watching the tape Praneeth released Editor Bhaskar and uploaded the whole tap on social media, it is the same day when Ramesh was celebrating the winning of Corporate Elections. As the tape was running in TV, Satish was shocked and embarrassed as it ruined the party reputation.

Satish approached Surya, for the next step. Surya immediately scolded Satish despite my several warnings not to take any step without my consent. For some pennies you have damaged your reputation as well as party reputation and now this damage is almost unrecoverable. To save the party reputation first remove Ramesh from party and withdraw the post and elections to happen again. He does as Surya informs and announces before media and party members the same. Satish gets call from Ramesh, I bought the ticket from you and if you won't withdraw the announcement I will have to inform the same to media and then I will also kill you. Satish, encountered Ramesh words by saying you are a kid and I have lot more access than you and I can kill you this instant. If you want to live withdraw your seat and hide somewhere else. Ramesh got so furious and he sketches to kill Satish and his family, after few days Satish was on the way to Assembly. All of a sudden his own party members along with few more people stops his vehicle and showers bullets at his car for which driver and security guards were shot and dead at spot. But, in the car Satish was not available. Surya was already suggested not to go in that car. Since your own party members are against you and you cannot trust anyone at this moment, it is better if you go underground for few days. Surya also arranges transportation for his family to leave the city and state and arranges shelter in a small village.

Satish renames himself and his family and does a small business in the village for some days which goes to few years. Surya also suggested not to gain any kind of popularity over there and also deletes all photos in social media so that their family cannot be traced anywhere. Surya also goes back to his previous job and remains calm and does not speak to Satish anymore. Surya has got Praneeth's support so Ramesh would not dare to touch Surya.

End of Part - 1.

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